Fraud: Attacked Vignette

They’ll break into your computer like they would your home, but you won’t see them do it or know when they do.

Inspired by Case No. 08-CV-03233-RDB:

“Innovative Marketing” was a fraudulent company with offices, call centers, and technicians visiting houses for computer repair requests. Behind their facade, they used elaborately designed ads on,,, Economist and more to warn millions of computer users of pornography, viruses, and malicious files found on their computer–users didn’t know the detections and scans were frauds. After a few clicks, a second scan, and an antivirus purchase, “Innovative Marketing” employees were able to watch every site users visited, log every password they typed, and steal every credit/debit card number that was saved on their computer (I’m sure some of you have your credit/debit cards saved on Amazon). In a short period of time, “Innovative Marketing” stole millions of credit cards and bank accounts, $180 million+, and ruined millions of lives by setting them back years financially. While street criminals rob someone in an alley, the masterminds behind “Innovative Marketing” robbed millions in their homes at once. With the premiere of FRAUD, audiences will learn that in today’s world we can’t trust anyone–not even the technician sent to fix your computer.

Click here to read the step-by-step plan “Innovative Marketing” used to attack millions of U.S. citizens (pg. 6) or watch Marc Goodman, the man who inspired the series and our first trailer, describe what they did:

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